About Southern Indiana Animal Rescue

Southern Indiana Animal Rescue is a small yet powerful rescue. We do not have a facility, and all our dogs are placed in personal foster homes. We are not breed specific. The men and women who donate their time to our cause are full time employees, parents and friends. You’ll see us together at events of course, but you’ll also spy many of us simply having dinner together. The passion we have for dogs has turned our relationships into lifelong friendships. We comfort each other when things don’t go as planned, and we celebrate together when things go right.

There are many ways that we welcome an animal into our rescue. Some animals are neglected, some are abused, some are abandoned, and some are simply given away. No matter how they come into our world, we treat them the same. From the moment they enter our homes, they belong to us. They are given love, attention, and veterinary care. For some of these animals, their first night in our homes is the first time they will ever sleep indoors. We shower them in love and talk to them about the perfect family we know is right around the corner.

We take them to see our friends at the vet where they are given a health exam, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and given vaccinations as well as flea, tick, and heart worm preventative. Every single animal that enters our rescue will go through the same vetting process before being placed for adoption.

We take applications from potential adopters and in order to be approved, they must pass specific adoption standards for the dog they are inquiring about. Every dog is different and has different requirements, all of which would be lined out in their biography. We do our best to see that all animals go to wonderful homes. We also check in on them over the months and years to ensure that they are still being taken care of.

When the adoption process is finalized, we find ourselves wiping tears from our eyes as we clean up their spot in our homes. However, we know they’re going to the best home and that makes it a little easier to begin preparing for the next four legs to walk in our doors.

Our jobs do not end the day of the adoption. We are always available to consult with, offer support, advice, and encouragement. We encourage our adopters to come see us at events and bring their dogs with them! We ensure all our adopters know that if their circumstances ever change, we are willing to take our fosters back and help them find a new forever home.

Board Members

President, Trish Roehm
Vice President, Elizabeth Starck
Secretary, Kelsey Frantz
Treasurer, Janice Stethen