What to do if you FIND a Dog...

Take them to a veterinarian’s office or animal shelter and have them scanned for a microchip.
Make a Found Dog flyer and post on social media
• Include the date, the area in which you found the lost dog, and your phone number.
• Hold back a few facts, if possible, so you can make sure anyone who contacts you is the pets’ true family.
Notify local animal shelters
• If someone cannot find their lost pet, the shelter is the first place they will look.

What to do if you LOSE a Dog...

  • If your pet is microchipped, notify the microchip company immediately.
  • Contact local animal shelters and file a lost pet report.
  • Visit your shelter at least twice a week. Often the description given on the phone may not match what they envision.
  • Make a lost dog flyer and post it in your neighborhood and on social media
  • Place their favorite toy or blanket outside.